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Pelco Security Products
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Pelco Camclosure Integrated Camera Systems
ICS110 Series Camclosure Camera System
ICS090 Series Camclosure Camera System
ICS150 Series Camclosure Camera System
ICS200 Series Camclosure Camera System
ICS300 Series Camclosure Camera System

Pelco Spectra High Speed Domes Camera
Spectra III™ SE Series Dome Systems
Spectra III™ Series Dome Systems
Heavy Duty Spectra III™ Series
Stainless Steel Spectra III™ Series
Pressurized Spectra III™ Series

Pelco Esprit Integrated Camera Positioning Systems
ES30C/ES31C Series Positioning System
ES30PC/ES31PC Series Positioning System
ES3012 Series Integrated Positioning System

Pelco ExSite™ Explosion proof Positioning Systems

Pelco DF5 Series DomePaks DF5 Series DomePaks
Complete, Fixed Mount Dome, Camera and Lens Package

Pelco High Resolution Color CCTV Cameras
CCC5100H Series SIMD Digital Color Camera
CC3610H Series Digital CCD Color Camera
CC3770H Digital CCD Day/Night, Color/B-W Camera
CC3710H Series Digital CCD Color Camera
CCC1380H-6 Series Digital CCD Color Camera
CCC1390 Series Day/Night, WDR, CCD Compact
CC3701H-2 Series Digital CCD Color Camera
CC3751H-2/CC3651H-2X Digital CCD Color Camera
CCC2400H-4 Series CCD Digital Color Camera
Pelco Standard Resolution Color CCTV Cameras
CC3710S Series Digital CCD Color Camera
CCC2400S-4 Series CCD Digital Color Camera

Pelco High Resolution Monochrome CCTV Cameras
MC3610H Series CCD Monochrome Camera
MC3710H Series CCD Monochrome Camera
MCC1380H-6 Digital CCD Monochrome Camera
MC3651H-2 Series Digital CCD Monochrome Camera
MCC2400S-4 Series CCD Monochrome Camera

Pelco Standard Resolution Monochrome CCTV Cameras
MC3710S Series CCD Monochrome Camera

Pelco CCTV Camera Fixed Lenses
13FA Series Fixed Focal Lens
13FD Series Fixed Focal Lens

Pelco Vari-Focal CCTV Camera Lenses
13VA Series Varifocal Lens
13VD Series Varifocal Lens
12VA Series Varifocal Lens
12VD Series Varifocal Lens
Pelco Motorized Zoom CCTV Camera Lenses
13ZM*X* Series Motorized Zoom Lens
13ZD*X* Series Motorized Zoom Lens

Pelco CCTV Camera Lens Accessories
LDC100 Lens Drive Converter

Pelco CCTV Camera CCTV Camera Enclosures

E00-8/E00-10 CCTV Camera Enclosure
EH3010/EH3014 CCTV Camera Enclosure
EH4010/EH4014 CCTV Camera Enclosure
EH2020 CCTV Camera Enclosure
EH2100 CCTV Camera Enclosure
EH2100P CCTV Camera Enclosure

E000 CCTV Camera Enclosure

EH2400/HS2400 CCTV Camera Enclosure

EH2500 Series Enclosure
EH3508 Series Enclosure
EH3512/EH3515 Series Enclosure
EH4700 Series Enclosure
EH4700DB Series Enclosure
EH5700 Series Enclosure

E706 Series CCTV Camera Enclosure
EH8100 Series CCTV Camera Enclosure
EHX*E Series CCTV Camera Enclosure

High Security
HS8080/HS8134 CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS8000/HS8013 CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS4514 Series CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS1500/HS2000 CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS2500 CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS2100 CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS3000 CCTV Camera Enclosure
HS4012 CCTV Camera Enclosure

Pelco Fixed dome CCTV Cameras

DF5 Series Fixed Mount Dome camera
DD5-FM Dome Mount Camera
DF8 Series Fixed Mount Dome Camera

Pelco Scanners Pan and Tilt Camera Systems
Legacy Integrated Positioning System
Legacy Series Integrated Positioning System
Legacy Series Integrated Positioning System

PT270P Series Pan/Tilt

PS20 Series Scanner
PT570-24P Pan/Tilt
PT680-24P Pan/Tilt
PT1250DC Pan/Tilt
PT1250P Pan/Tilt
PT1280SL Pan/Tilt

PT1260EX Pan/Tilt

Pelco CCTV Camera Mounts

BS1750 Series Mount
CM1750 Series Mount
CM1750S Series Mount
TB1750 Series Mount
CM1300 Series Mount
CM1450 Series Mount
CM4400 Series Mount
EM4400 Series Mount
CM150 Series Mount

Pelco Enclosure Mounts

EM1000U Series Mount
EM1109 Series Mount
EM2000 Series Mount
EM2200 Series Mount
EM1400 Series Mount
EM2400 Series Mount
EM3512 Series Mount
EM1450 Series Mount
EM22 Series Mount
MM22 Series Mount
EM3000 Series Mount

Pelco CCTV Dome Camera Mounts
IDM4012SS Mount
IWM Series and IDM4018 Mount
SWM Series Mount
PP350/PP351/PP450/PP451 Mount

Pelco Scanner, Pan & Tilt Mounts
PM14 Mount
PM105 Mount
WM2000 Mount
WM3026 Mount
PM2000/PM2010 Mount
PP100 Mount

Pelco Camclosure Series Mounts

Pelco Esprit Mounts
EWM wall mount
EPM pole mount
ECM100 corner mount
EPP pedestal adapter
EA4348 EWM-to-Legacy adapter

Pelco Legacy Mounts
CM400 Mount
PA402 Mount
PP300L/PP301L Mount
PP4348 Mount
PP400 Mount

Pelco Protocol Translators
TXB Series Translator Board Interface

Pelco IR Illuminators
LL27 Series Infrared Illuminator

Pelco Remote Installation/Service Tools
Spectra, ExSite™ and Esprit Positioning Systems
CST150/CST100 Camera Setup Tool

Pelco Communications and Power Equipment

Power Supplies
MCS Series Power Supply
MCS*E Series Power Supply
WCS Series Power Supply
TF Series Power Supply

Relay Boxes Relay Boxes
RB115/RB24 Control

Pelco Receivers

Pelco Legacy Receivers
LRD41A11 Series Receiver
LRD41C21/LRD41C22 Series Receiver

Pelco Coaxitron Receivers
IRD/ERD2000 Series Receiver
CX9000 Series Receiver

Pelco Receivers RS-422 ("P" Protocol)
ERD97P21-U Receiver

Pelco Video Conditioning

Pelco Video Conditioning Distribution Amplifiers
DA104DT Distribution Amplifier

Pelco Video Conditioning Equalizing Amplifiers
EA2000 Equalizing Amplifier
EA2010 Video Amplifier

Pelco Video Conditioning Ground Fault Protection
GIT100 Transformer

Pelco Digital Network Systems

Pelco Pelconet™ Digital Network Systems
PelcoNet™ NET300
PelcoNet™ NET350
PelcoNet™ NET4001A

Pelco Digital Network Systems Network Recorders
NVR300 Network Video Recorder

Pelco Fiber Optics Data Only
FT8101 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver
FR8101 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

Pelco Fiber Optics Video Only
FT8301/FR8301 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver
FT8304/FR8304 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver
FT8308/FR8308 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

Pelco Fiber Optics Video & Data Only
FT85011/FR85011 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver
FS85011 Fiber Transmitter for Spectra III™ Dome
FT85041/FR85041 Fiber Transmitter and Receiver

Pelco Fiber Optics Mounts
WM5000 Series Mount
RK5000PS-3U/RK5000-3U Rack Mounts

Pelco Control Site Equipment Monitors

Pelco Monochrome Video Monitor
PMM9A Monitor
PMM12A Monitor
PMM15A Monitor
PMM20A Monitor

Pelco High Resolution Color Video Monitors
PMC9A Monitor
PMC10A Monitor
PMC21A Monitor
PMC14H Monitor

 Pelco Super High Resolution Color Video Monitors
PMCS15A Monitors
PMCS17A Monitors
PMCS19A Monitors

Pelco Color LCD and Flat Panel Video Monitor
PMCL15A Flat Panel TFT LCD Monitor

Pelco Quad Monitors
PMCQ14A Quad Monitor

Pelco Direct/Multi-cable Controls
MLZ6DT Control
MPS524DT Control
MPT24DT Control
MPTAZ Series Control

Pelco Coaxitron Controls
KBD9000 Transmitter/Controller
MPT9000 Series Control

Pelco Coaxitron/Digital Control
MPT9500 Series Control

Pelco Digital Controls
KBD100 Keyboard
KBD200A Keyboard
KBD300A Keyboard

Pelco Economy Switchers Manual Switchers
MS500 Series Switcher

Pelco Sequential Switchers
VS5000 Series Switcher
VA6100 Series Switcher
VA6200 Series Switcher

Pelco Matrix Switchers
CM6700 Series Matrix

Pelco CM6800 Series Matrix Switchers
CM6800 Matrix Switcher/Controller
CM6800E Matrix Switcher/Controller
KBD960 and KBR960 Keyboards
REL2064 Relay Interface Unit
ALM2064 Alarm Interface Unit

Pelco CM9700 Series Matrix Switchers
CM9700MDD-EVS Matrix Digital Decoder
CM9740 Series Matrix
CM9760 Series Matrix
CM9760-MDA Master Distribution Amplifier
CM9760-ALM Alarm Interface Unit
CM9760-CDU-T Code Distribution Unit
CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator
CM9760-DMR Data Manager
CM9760-HS Hot Switch Interface Unit
CM9760-REL Relay Interface Unit
CM9760-SAT Matrix Switcher
CM9760-VCRC Series VCR Controller
CM9770 Series Matrix
CM9780 Series Matrix

Pelco Video Management Matrix Switchers
VMX200-SYS Video Management System
VMX300 Video Management System
VMX300-E Enterprise Video Management System

Pelco Multiplexers
Genex Series MX4004CD Multiplexer
Genex Series Multiplexer
Genex Multiplexers
Genex Series Multiplexer
Genex Multiplexer
KBD4000 Multiplexer Keyboard
KBD4002 Multiplexer Keyboard
MX4000SVR Multiplexer Server

Pelco Quads Quad Compressors
QD104 Series Digital Quad Video Processor

Pelco Digital Video Recorders
DX1000 Series Digital Video Recorder
DX1104-080 Digital Video Recorder
DX2000 Series Digital Video Recorder
DX7100 Series Digital Video Recorder
DX8000 Series Digital Video Recorder
DX9100 Series Digital Video Recorder
DX9200 Series
DX9200HDDI Series Video Mass Storage Unit

Pelco Digital Surveillance System
VIDEO4X4 Digital Surveillance System

Pelco Time Lapse Recorders
TLR3040 Series Video Cassette Recorder
TLR3096 Series Video Cassette Recorder
TLR3168 Series Video Cassette Recorder

Pelco Racks and Table Top Consoles
CE4 Series Console
CE9 Series Console
CE16 Series Console

Pelco Miscellaneous EIA Rack Kits
Desktop and Rack Mounting Kits
Rack Mounting Kits

Pelco Lock Boxes
LB1000 Series Lock Box
LB2000 Series Lock Box
LB3000 Series Lock Box

Pelco Video Monitor Mounts
MM1000 Mount
MM2000 Mount
MM3000 Mount
MR3000 Mount
MR3050 Mount
MR5000L Mount
MR5000M Ceiling/Wall
MR4050 Mount

Pelco Miscellaneous Control Site
MD2001 Video Motion Detector
VSS200DT Monochrome Screen Splitter
TDG200DT Time/Date Generator


We provide our quality security products to the following states: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District Of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

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