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Keri Systems Gate and Door Access Security Systems

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By designing cost-effective, easy to install and use products, Keri Systems has become one of the fastest growing card access control systems manufacturers in the world. The original founder of Indala Corporation (now Motorola/Indala), the early pioneers and market leaders in digital proximity readers and proximity cards, started Keri Systems in 1990. Located in the heart of California's famed Silicon Valley, the company draws on the area's wealth of technological expertise and security industry professionals to bring superior price/performance products to the card access control systems market.

Keri Systems Product Line


DoorsTM Software v4.50
Doors for use with Windows is a very user-friendly software package, perfect for managing access control applications from 1 to 256 doors, with remote site capability.

D-Lite software gives IP-2000 users lots of great features, such as:
A computerized cardholder database that is sortable, much like an Excel spreadsheet, that removes the requirement to keep a manual cardholder list.
The ability to backup the database.
The ability to program the IP-2000 without requiring the use of the HPP-22.
The ability to manage more than one IP-2000 database from the same PC.
Door Controllers:

PXL-500 Tiger Controller II
Powerful, high-quality, sophisticated access control systems at prices that are much less than others.

The SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board plugs directly onto the PXL-500 to provide an additional 8 general purpose inputs and 4 general purpose outputs.

2-Door Distribution Kit
Keri has introduced a distributor 2-door shelf kit that contains the key Keri components required to install a 2-door system, and what is not included (full compliment of cards/tags, locks, switches, buttons, wire, etc.) can be obtained from your distributor's shelves.

8-Door Concentrator for PXL-500 Controllers
To meet more and more dealer requests, Keri introduces the KDC-8 8-Door Concentrator, which allows for up to four PXL-500 Tiger Controllers and four SB-593 Satellite Expansion Boards to be located in a single 19-inch IT rack-mountable or wall mountable cabinet. Controllers mounted in an 8-Door Concentrator can be connected to other individual PXL-500s or Entraguard telephone entry units in a Keri network.

Keri Systems Time & Attendance Terminals:

Keri's KTA Series of Time and Attendance Terminals integrate with the PXL-250/500 Tiger Controller to provide the customer Integrated Access Control and Time/Attendance functionality on a single RS-485 network. The Doors software for access control contains some easy to use reports for basic T/A reporting, and by using Keri's export.exe event file export utility, more detailed reports, job cost accounting and payroll functions can be implemented by using virtually any 3rd party T/A software partner, including Keri's pre-qualified partners.

PXL-510 & Alarm Panel Integration
PXL-500 Tiger II Controller Alarm Integration
End Users and dealers alike have requested the ability to arm/disarm the alarm system while gaining access with their proximity card, as well as monitor and report alarm and access system activity from a single interface.

IntelliProx 2000
Keyless EntryIntelliProx Access Control
The IntelliProx 2000 is a groundbreaking new product that can be used as an economical single door proximity reader-based access control system for up to 500 users. It is an extremely simple and cost-effective solution and does not require the use of a computer. It now comes with D-Lite for use with Windows, a handy program that lets the user manage and back up the cardholder database.

Keri Proximity Readers:
MS-3000 MicroStar - Mullion Mount (window or door frame)
MS-4000 Shooting Star - Vandal Resistant
MS-5000 MiniStar - Wall or Gang Box Mount
MS-7000 SuperStar - Medium Range

Keri Systems Proximity Cards and Tags:

KC-10X/KC-26X: Standard Light Proximity Card
MT-10X/MT-26X: MultiTechnology Proximity Card
PKT-10X/PKT-26X: Proximity Key Tag

BioPointe Fingerprint Readers
Keri’s BioPointe fingerprint reader provides customers with added security for sensitive locations along with the ability for the same unit to operate in several modes to allow for flexibility in user assignment. Because it has an industry standard 26-bit Wiegand output, BioPointe is compatible with Keri’s PXL-500W Tiger II Controller as well as virtually any other manufacturer’s controller.

Keri Systems Telephone Entry Systems:

EntraGuard Gold
The EntraGuard Gold, merges telephone entry with access control, a huge step forward for the industry in terms of economy, form, and function. The EntraGuard Gold functions as a controller on a Keri access control system network so that access control and telephone entry functions are integrated under a single software package.

EntraGuard Titanium
The new EntraGuard Titanium, represents a breakthrough in telephone entry by providing 750 tenant capacity with a 4-line LED display in a small, attractive package, all at an extremely low price. The small footprint allows it to be mounted almost anywhere, and its rugged stainless steel enclosure with built-in hood is designed to withstand the toughest environments.

EntraGuard Platinum
The EntraGuard Platinum is the newest member of Keri's Entraguard telephone entry product line, with the largest capacity and biggest display Keri offers. Handling up to 5,000 tenants, this unit is designed for durability and weather resistance using a tough, 14-gauge stainless steel enclosure. Additionally, the Platinum can be fitted with a PXL-500 Tiger Controller and an SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board to provide one or two door card access capability within the unit itself.

EntraGuard Bronze
The EntraGuard Bronze, is for owners of gated residences who wish to control the gate and communicate with visitors from their touch tone telephones.

Products from the Marlee Electronics family:

VF Series
The VF Series Telephone Entry System The VF series features a scrolling 4-line display for easy reading day or night, memory capacity for up to 2,000 names, and a serial printer interface. Our system is supported by Windows® 3.1, 95, 98, and NT which makes changing the database a snap! Also, its compact dimensions, aluminum casting, and unique keypad design are unparalleled in the market today. Add up to 2 card readers for additional security.

The PM5 Telephone Entry System The PM5 series is one of our most popular products. Attractive and durable, it can be flush-mounted. It accommodates 25 to 1,000 occupant telephone numbers.

The Advantage Telephone Entry System The Advantage series combines both directory and unit into one attractive and economical entry control system. Taking full advantage of the same high technology as the PM series, the Advantage provides access security for 25 to 1,000 occupants. Special features include: lighted directory, choice of 2 attractive directories, dual panel locks for optimum security, and the option of add-on directory modules.

No Phone Line
The No Phone Line Telephone Entry System The NPL II system uses the building's existing telephone wiring to place calls from the lobby to the resident. It is not necessary to rent a phone line to operate the NPL II (no message unit charges). It has built in call waiting, a distinctive ring, and residents without phone service can still receive visitor calls. Choose from any of our lobby panels.

LAN-520 - RS-485 Over Ethernet
By using Keri's LAN-520 LAN Port in combination with an NC-485 Network Converter, PXL-500 Tiger II Controllers, which are normally connected via a two-wire RS-485 network, can be connected via Ethernet to bridge long distances within a facility or campus, as well as across any distance where a LAN/WAN exists.

Wireless Transceivers:

Keri's KWX Series of wireless transceivers provide maximum flexibility and ease of installation in access controller network architecture. Designed for any installation where Keri PXL-500 Tiger II Controllers will be distributed around the facility or in clusters, these wireless transceivers can transmit RS-485 data between controllers at up to 300 feet (90 meters) for the 900 MHz version (or up to 55 meters [180 feet] for the 2.4 GHz version).

Visions Digital Video
Keri’s Visions video/access platform combines our popular access control hardware and software with the latest advances in digital video technology to provide customers with superb stand alone and integrated access + CCTV solutions. The Visions product is comprised of a line of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) combined with Visions software. Visions is offered in 4, 8, 16, and 32 camera models, and can process up to 120 frames per second in 4, 8, and 16 camera versions, and up to 240 frames per second in the 32 camera version.

Peripheral Products

Farpointe Data OEM Readers:

Proximity Readers:
P-300 Cascade
P-400 Gibraltar
P-500 Alps
P-600 Rocky
P-700 Yukon
MCR-403 InStar

Proximity cards and Tags:
PSC-1 Standard Light
PSI-4 Image Technology
PSM-2 Multi Technology
PSK-3 Key Ring Tag

RF Transmitters and Receivers:
RLT-1KT or RLT-4KT Transmitter
Long Range Tags for Vehicle/Gate Access

Additional Keri Systems Equipment



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