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Integral Technologies Video Security Management Systems
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Integral Technologies Product Line

Active Alert
Integral ActiveAlert video content analysis software provides real-time alarm and forensic tools for tracking a variety of human, object, and vehicle events. ActiveAlert is highly effective in both manned and unmanned installations, offering a new tool for tough analysis with powerful real-time and historical viewing and search capabilities. ActiveAlert is offered with Integral's DigitalSENTRY software on the complete line of DS XPress and DS Enterprise SAVR Digital Video Management Systems (DVMS).

Continuum SE
The Integral Technologies Continuum Security Management System is not just another product, it is a totally new approach to managing your building's security. Fully programmable, completely flexible, and incredibly easy to use! Continuum features a totally modular plug-and-play design, a powerful 32-bit CPU with FLASH memory, and a Windows front-end workstation - all directly connected to your high-speed Ethernet network.

Continuum SE Control Panels:

AC-1 Access Control Module
AC-1-Plus Card Reader/KeyPad Input
CX 9702 Controller
DO-20 Expansion Relay Board
NetController 16 I/O Module 4MB
NetController 16 I/O Module 4MB w/Fiber Transceiver
NetController 32 I/O Module 4MB
NetController 32 I/O Module 4MB w/Fiber Transceiver

Continuum SE Software:

Continuum Reports for Windows PC
Cyberstation Software
Elevator Control
Personnel Data Importer
Time Tracker

Rio 724 (Badge Printer)

Power Supplies:
Continuum Power Supply

Universal Enclosure - 6 Modules - Large

All Hardware:
DM-20 Digital Input and Output Module
UI-8 Universal Input Module

DS Enterprise
Integral Technologies DS Enterprise is an enterprise-class digital video surveillance system, meaning it accommodates an unlimited number of cameras in an unlimited number of locations -- all administered and operated in remote control stations on a network.

DS XPress
The DS XPress recorder is a combination of a database server and video acquisition unit that captures up to 480 images per second, with up to 128 camera inputs. Image capture rates can be adjusted from 0 per second to the maximum rate available during an alarm event.

Integral Technologies DVX systems are powerful, high-performance digital recorders that surpass analog surveillance technology by offering faster, easier access to recorded video from practically anywhere in the world.

DVX 1000
The Integral Technologies DVX 1000 is a proven, reliable, and trusted digital video recorder (DVR). Designed to fit into a wide variety of security applications, DVX 1000 is available in 4, 9 and 16 video channel configurations. RemoteView software, video/system watchdog, CD-RW, newtwork interface, modem, PTZ control, keyboard, mouse, and the Quick Installation Guide are all included with this powerful video solution. DVX 1000 clearly outperforms all other DVRs in its class.

DVX 500
In a sea of look-alike products, DVX 500 offers unparalleled features and capabilities not found in this class of products. The DVX 500 digital video management system manufactured by Integral Technologies is designed to provide a cost-effective solution that combines performance and ease of use. DVX 500's powerful feature set provides a recording rate of up to 120 ips NTSC (100 ips PAL), Easy Evidence and book marking functionality, watchdog monitoring, iVEX compression, and optional Transactional Data Interface (point-of-sale, ATMs, and more)

Building on the success of the Integral Technologies' product family, DVXe brings increased reliability, usability and security. The DVXe is based on the DVX platform of products, except that it operates on an embedded operating system which has an excellent track record of stability, security and performance. The DVXe is available in 4, 9 and 16 channel configurations and has the ability of recording up to 120 images per second. Other new features also include the addition of Easy Evidence, Audio Recording, Book Marking, and its small 2U size. DVXe is packed with the same software and hardware features Integral customers have come to enjoy including PTZ control for industry-standard cameras, easy exporting of video to CD-RW drive, system watchdog and a network interface.

DVXi uses the same familiar MasterControl user interface as DVX (currently version 4.1). This is the same software that DVX users have grown to love for its ease of use while still providing the powerful features you need. There are no confusing pull-down menus to navigate and the screens aren't cluttered with non-descriptive buttons or controls.

Intelli-M provides state-of-the-art smart card and Wiegand reader technologies in an access control system that is very simple to install and operate. This access control system was designed to be installed and operated by the novice without compromising on features provided by much more complicated systems. A typical installation includes all the connections necessary for a high degree of security at the point of entry. The customer also benefits from the product's unique single twisted pair cable, which greatly reduces installation costs. Additionally, with its simple navigation and easy-to-use features, Intelli-M's Supervisor Plus software saves time and the costs associated with training new personnel. With the introduction of Intelli-M Integrated, you can now increase the power of your access control system with the total integration of any Integral Technologies' digital video system.

Intelli-M Accessories

Control Panels:
Input Extension Module (IOE)
Integrated Door Controller (Dual Mode)

Intelli-M Supervisor Plus Software

Mullion Card Reader (CRM)
Standard Card Reader (CRS)
Standard Card Reader with keypad (CRK)


Quick Mount Assembly Kit (QMK) Credentials
PRK 3020
PVC 3020

Power & Communications Unit
RS-232/RS-485 Converter (RSC)
UDS 10

Rio 724 (Badge Printer)
Tango 776 (Badge printer)

The Universal Enclosure



Integral IPIX integration provides the ability to see everything with a full 360-degree view. With no moving parts, this solid-state PTZ gives you unprecedented 360-degree situational awareness. The integration of IPIX into the DigitalSENTRY software provides features available in no other Digital Video Management System (DVMS) in the market today. Because the CommandView dome camera can see everything, DigitalSENTRY has the ability to display, record and play back everything. With Integral IPIX Integration, you have access to video surveillance features never before possible.

Integral Technologies now offers a wireless viewing option that allows customers anytime/anywhere access to their DVX, DVXi or DigitalSENTRY system. Using the MobileSENTRY Software, Integral Technologies users can access their system at any time of day, wherever they may be - in the car, at a meeting, traveling, away from the office, not in front of a computer.

Nexsan Storage
Nexsan is an award winning enterprise storage solution manufacturer providing industry leading technologies on a global basis. Integral and Nexsan have entered into an OEM relationship and are excited about the opportunities to provide synergistic digital video management solutions throughout the world.

The Nexsan ATABaby and ATABoy2 will interface to supported Integral DVMS units via SCSI Controller Card and Cable and are based on ATA/IDE hard drives.

RemoteView by Integral Technologies is an application that allows users to view live and recorded video from a DVX, DVXi or Digit DigitalSENTRY system on any Windows-based remote client computer via a network or regular phone line. RemoteView is a useful application that is easy to install and operate from a desktop computer or a laptop. Virtually any number of users can access the system simultaneously thanks to RemoteView.

XPress HX
Integral Technologies OEM Products Group introduces the XPress HX, a family of 4 or 8 channel, PCI-bus video capture products that capture up to 240 sustained images-per-second. With 4 or 8 video channels, the Xpress HX can transfer video data for up to 8 full frame-rate camera inputs at CIF resolution over a standard PCI bus. This translates to 120 fps for the XPress HX-4000 and 240 fps for the XPress HX-8000.

XPress HX-8000
Full frame video transfer per camera (30 fps NTSC - 25 fps PAL) 8 Composite inputs NTSC/SECAM/PAL input format support Video scaling support to arbitrarily sized windows

XPress HX-4000
Full frame video transfer per camera (30 fps NTSC - 25 fps PAL) 4 Composite inputs NTSC/SECAM/PAL input format support Video scaling support to arbitrarily sized windows

FlashPoint 3Dx
High performance PCI-bus frame grabber
Integrated 3D graphics accelerator
Non-destructive color key overlay
SDK available

FlashPoint 4xl
PCI and AGP 4x frame grabber
Integrated 3D graphics accelerator
16 MB SDRAM graphics memory
High quality video scaler

FlashBus DX

High-resolution digital frame grabber
Camera Link interface
Up to two asynchronous video channels
40 MHz acquisition rates
General purpose I/O

FlashBus MV
Bus-mastering frame grabber
Capture directly to system or display memory
Real-time preview "onscreen" capture mode
I/O control for triggering

FlashBus MX
High-resolution analog frame grabber
High-quality 10-bit video acquisition
Up to three asynchronous video channels
Up to 4K x 4K resolution camera support
Extensive camera control

FlashBus Spectrum
General purpose frame grabber
TriMedia Video Processor
Multiple Component, S-Video, and Composite video inputs
RGB, YCrCb, S-Video, and Composite video output

FlashBus DX-CL2
FlashBus DX-CL2 is a dual-camera version equipped with two Camera Link connectors.

FlashBus DX-CL
FlashBus DX-CL is a low-cost, single-camera frame grabber with all of the features to make a high-speed, high-quality image acquisition application.

FlashBus DX-CL2
FlashBus DX-CL2 is a dual-camera version equipped with two Camera Link connectors. This allows for two asynchronous Camera Link area scan cameras to be captured simultaneously. Each input can range from 8- to 10-bit monochrome cameras. Acquisition from a single camera is supported the same as the FlashBus DX-CL version. Part number: 3147

FlashBus DX-CL
FlashBus DX-CL is a low-cost, single-camera frame grabber with all of the features to make a high-speed, high-quality image acquisition application. FlashBus DX-CL is compatible with 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 bit monochrome area scan cameras with the Camera Link interface, as well as 24 bit RGB area-scan cameras with Camera Link. Part number: 3146

FlashBus MX-332
FlashBus MX-332 utilizes all three video channels for simultaneous capture of 3 high-resolution monochrome inputs or a single RGB input.

FlashBus MX-132
FlashBus MX-132 is a low-cost, single-channel, high-resolution monochrome version of the FlashBus MX.

FlashBus MX-132R
FlashBus MX-132R is a single-channel FlashBus MX board that adds RGB input support. On-board color space conversion of the RGB data allows for non-destructive overlay using a DirectDraw-compatible display card. FlashBus MX-132R was designed with scientific and medical imaging applications in mind. Part number: 3144

FlashBus MV Pro
FlashBus MV Pro accepts composite, RGB, S-Video, and RS-170 sources.

FlashBus MV Plus
FlashBus MV Plus is a bus-mastering PCI video frame grabber with an on-board micro controller and multiple I/O triggers. It has been designed for imaging and inspection applications where both aggressive low-cost and multiple video inputs (color and grayscale) are required. Part number: 3046

FlashBus MV Lite
Integral Technologies' answer for cost-sensitive imaging systems, FlashBus MV Lite is a PCI bus-mastering video frame grabber that provides high-quality video images at a low price. Part number: 3047

Up to 16 Composite inputs
Very low cost
Ships with LightView software
Fast switching between video inputs

Bus-mastering video frame grabber
Wavelet hardware-based video codec
Real-time compression ratios up to 8:1
Software playback of video while recording

XPress HX
4 and 8 channel bus-mastering PCI surveillance boards
NTSC/SECAM/PAL input format support
Philips SAA713x Video Decoder
Capture up to 240-images-per-second

XPress TX
16-channel bus-mastering PCI surveillance boards
Integral Technologies' iVEX compression technology
TriMedia VLIW Video Processor
Up to 120-images-per-second recording

XPress HX-8000
Full frame video transfer per camera (30 fps NTSC - 25 fps PAL)
8 Composite inputs
NTSC/SECAM/PAL input format support
Video scaling support to arbitrarily sized windows

XPress HX-4000
Full frame video transfer per camera (30 fps NTSC - 25 fps PAL)
4 Composite inputs
NTSC/SECAM/PAL input format support
Video scaling support to arbitrarily sized windows

Integral Technologies IVL is a high-level programming library for image processing and analysis that is compatible with all Integral Technologies FlashBus® and FlashPoint® framegrabbers, as well as our XPress compression boards. IVL is a robust and proven software library of core machine vision and imaging routines. With IVL, users can simplify program development and decrease time-to-market. In addition, IVL provides an extensive set of optimized, high-performance image processing and analysis functions.

All Integral Technologies Parts:

Product Line Part Number Product
FlashPoint 4xl
3150 FlashPoint 4xl Lite
3151 FlashPoint 4xl Plus
3152 FlashPoint 4xl Pro
FlashPoint 3Dx
3284 FlashPoint 3Dx Pro
3280 FlashPoint 3Dx Lite
3282 FlashPoint 3Dx Plus
FlashBus Spectrim
3042 FlashBus Spectrim Pro
3043 FlashBus Spectrim Lite
FlashBus DX
3147 FlashBus DX-CL2
3146 FlashBus DX-CL
FlashBus MX
3140 FlashBus MX-132
3144 FlashBus MX-132R
3142 FlashBus MX-332
FlashBus MV
3046 FlashBus MV Plus
3045 FlashBus MV Pro
3047 FlashBus MV Lite
3315 XPress Lite
3305 XPress Pro
3310 XPress Plus
XPress TX
3302 XPress TX-100
3321 XMUX
3307 XPress TX-300
3314 XPress TX-104
3316 XPress TX-400
3318 Lightning
XPress HX
3328 XPress HX-4000
3329 XPress HX-8000
3490 IVL



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